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Forex trader Instagram who lure young people in with flash cars and holidays revealed

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How Instagram Forex Traders Fake Entries

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How Instagram Forex Traders Fake Entries

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Instagram forex traders will not make you successful.

I feel like I need to have a rant.
I have been trading for just over a year now and I have just started to become profitable. What made me profitable? Blocking out all of the rubbish that comes from forex Instagram. I didn’t find a fancy new strategy. I’m using the strategy that I formed in the first 3 months of me trading. So why only now am I starting to become profitable when I knew about the strategy almost a year ago?
Because i chose to digest information coming from instagram forex traders.
I’m not talking about the obvious scammers you see on your Instagram feed such as IML, broker commission marketers, or any of the likes. I’m talking about the select few that portray themselves as trading veterans and are popular in the trading community. They are constantly posting on their stories/profile 24/7. At least once a day they will post something like ‘only 2 slots left In my mentorship’ or ‘come join my free telegram channel’. Warning: if a trader you follow is trying to promote something, even if it’s just for Instagram followers, unfollow them. They will not help you become successful.
So I had my strategy by month 3 of trading. I backtested it and it worked. But I started taking advice from these traders, I got my hands on a few of their courses and my trading began to fail. Every single course was pathetic. Never showed any live trading. No proof of anything. Always making excuses of why they can’t tag their MyFxBook.
I unfollowed all these ‘traders’ and now I am profitable.
Rant over.
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Instagram Forex Traders

Is it just me or is every second fella from dublin a forex trader ? How does this even work ? Is there a chance it’s a money laundering method or are they genuinely making real cash trading forex ? Last week I was contacted by two forex trader asking me if I wanted to make some cash. I said yes and he then went on to ask for more details. I didn’t follow up just because I wasn’t bothered but whats the story with them fx traders ?
Anyone ??
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How Fake Instagram Forex Traders Fake Balances, Equity & History incl. Withdrawals

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Are these Forex traders on Instagram legit?

So I see a lot of people becoming “forex traders” and self promoting on Instagram a lot. I’m not the best at school either but these are the same guys who couldn’t add 1 + 1 in high school and are now suddenly making $100+ on the regular.
Are these guys even making money off forex or? Because I see they try to get you referred and then supposedly sell you the course and you repeat this same process with other people.
I’m not exactly sure what they do besides trade currency (if they even do) tbh but are these guys legit?
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[Extended] How Fake Instagram Forex Traders Fake Balances, Equity & History incl. Withdrawals

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How Instagram Forex Traders Fake Entries

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What's the story with all these forex traders/scammers on Instagram?

Any young people (or anyone else at all, I got roped into this when I was a naive 21 year old) on here heed my warning when I say avoid these people. They are making zero money from their trades and majority of their money is generated by trying to get suckers like you & me to sign up and deposit money that we will eventually lose.
Think about it if they were really so good at investing and their returns were as good as they promise why the FUCK would they waste their time trying to teach someone else to do it and potentially ruin their trading strategy by loads of people adopting it?
These people are con artists/marketers and they only make money from you, not from trades.
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Anyone else's Instagram infested with Forex "traders"

Its obvious from the get go they havent a fucking clue about trading currency or how markets work, and are simply trying to show off a fake Jordan Belfort type lifestyle (rented Lambo, used BMW, and a trip to either Ibiza or Dubai) in order to get people to fall for their pyramid scheme. They all wear Canada Goose and Gucci and look like they'd be selling coke if they weren't trapped in a mlm.
Just wondering if anyone else is tired of seeing this shit. Do you know anyone who's fallen for it? I'm curious as to how the scam actually works.
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This smarmy looking forex trader from Instagram

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Instagram forex traders

Hi guys... I've obviously done something really stupid and lost all my money depositing money in forex advised by a Instagram trader...ended up depositing £350 which is all lost after just 3 weeks...no contact from the game! Is it legal for these guys? How do they get away with it? I also bought some signals from him....are they even legal to sell? The signals are trash, I have no idea where he's getting them from.
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What’s the deal with all these forex traders on Instagram?

For the past several months my instagram has been increasingly growing with people advertising forex trading. They all basically preach the same thing by saying “Escape the 9-5”, and “do you want to be financially free?”, etc. Surely this isn’t actually legit right? These people are even offering classes to teach you how to do it (you have to pay them of course). I don’t know the first thing about investing or trading, but I feel like those that actually know how to trade simply won’t just teach you in like 2 months for $200. Can somebody give some insight on this? It seems like such a scam and pyramid scheme to me but so many people are doing it I just wanna make sure.
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Interested in joining a team of FOREX traders who wanna see you make consistent profits every week!! DM ME ON INSTAGRAM!!

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What the hell is with these Forex Traders on Instagram?

There advertisements do not stop coming up on my instagram. They have a very aggresive/in your face style of advertising like putting up pictures of stacks of cash, expensive sports cars and Rolex's. And they all seem to be young people under the age of 25. Surely you cannot make that level of Money from fx trading and if you could why are they advertising it. I know some dudes who do this in my city ( Ireland) and honestly they would have been classed as degenerates long before they got into Forex. What is the story with it?
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The Instagram Forex Trader Starter Pack

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Instagram sponsored “forex trader” ads why hasn’t insta removed/blocked these as most or all of them are clearly scams?

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Has anyone had a major increase in supposed "Forex traders" coming up on their Instagram feeds?

Over the past week my Instagram is just full of these 20 something cheeky Nandos type pricks posing with Selfridges bags and supercars. This isn't just a couple of them either, there are scores and scores of them. What is the deal with these cunts? Obviously they're trying to con you, but I'm just amazed at how fucking many are playing the exact same scam, and the amount of effort that they've all put into it.
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Instagram Forex trader Gurvin Singh GS3 Trades ‘scams more than 1,000 victims of £3million’

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What’s the deal with all these forex traders on Instagram?

I’m not super well rounded on trading but these accounts are clearly scams. Curious to know if anyone can shed any light on what it is? Surprised I’m not hearing more about this since everywhere I go on Instagram, these guys pop up.
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An Instagram scammer who scams people by pretending to be a forex trader and promising his victims that he’d double their money. This guy uses western union to transfer the money. Pure trash.

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Exposing Instagram Forex Day Traders - YouTube Instagram LIVE with a FUNDED FOREX TRADER! (6 FIGURES ... Instagram Forex Scam Exposed DON’T FALL FOR THIS FOREX SCAM ON INSTAGRAM - YouTube The #forextrader hashtag on Instagram • Photos and Videos ... FULL TIME FOREX TRADER - Tells The TRUTH - YouTube

Another unauthorised Forex trader, 'Ash Trades', claims to offer real-time Forex signals. He operates solely through Instagram and WhatsApp where he posts pictures like this of expensive car keys ... Not every Instagram Forex trader will immediately disappear, but you can sure as heck trust that once things start going wrong & profits start falling down they will. Take Gurvin Singh for example, who recently featured in the Daily Mail. It’s reported that he tricked thousands of people into joining his “copy-trade” plan, but then disappeared & deleted all traces of his profiles the ... See What people posts about #forextrader, View Images, Videos and Stories in Instagram about #forextrader An Instagram trader who claimed he was making £110,000 a month has been accused of duping more than 1,000 investors into losing nearly £4,000,000 in a Bahamas fund. Gurvin Singh,... Instagram allows users to be “followed” or for them to “follow” other people or in this case the 27 Best Forex Traders and Accounts. When a trader follows an Instagram trader, their photos are regularly appearing in their stream. Traders can also like photos and comment on them, making it a friendly and laid-back social community. Download Forex BSG Trend Cycle Trading-Strategy Time Frame-15min or higher. Currency pairs: Majors; Indicies: S&P 500, Nasdaq, DAX, FTSE. Metatrader… Fischer Mod Forex Scalping Strategy. November 11, 2019. The Weekly Pivot Bounce Forex Trading Strategy Mt4. November 11, 2019. Free Mt5 Indicators View All. Forex Strategy. Fractional Bands HTF — Index for MetaTrader 5. By Strategy Boss ... this is exactly why i’m always saying never believe these scammers. anyone asking you to join their telegram, whatsapp group for money and anyone saying they will give you 80% accuracy on their crap signals, is a liar. do not follow them, do not r... Instagram on your blog. Images about: #forextrader (4145327 posts) 2020-01-04 01:04 0 0 . Invest in crypto currency investment a wash all you dreams come true. Crypto investment is a trusted platform open for every individual to invest on for the purpose of making profit in return. Invest in binary trade option using bitcoin and gain financial stability and let you money do the working for you ... If you’ve spent any amount of time browsing through Instagram then you’ll have no doubt come across those Instagram Forex trader accounts. They’re typically run by young guys or girls who all suspiciously seem to own (and showcase) an Audi R8 – and they all claim to have “easily” made millions through trading accounts online. But on top of just showcasing the lifestyle, they’ve ... Most popular instagram forex hashtags. Copy . #forex #forextrader #bitcoin #trading #forextrading #money #forexsignals #trader #cryptocurrency #forexlifestyle #investment #business #entrepreneur #investing #crypto #binaryoptions #invest #blockchain #forexmarket #forexlife #bitcoinmining #binary #success #fx #stocks #investor #daytrader #btc #forexsignal #bhfyp. Second most liked instagram ...

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Exposing Instagram Forex Day Traders - YouTube

Time to round em uuuup! More names coming soon! It’s time to explain to the people they need answers Bucko! @austinsilverfx @kingshaunlee @fxdanielsavage @cu... Unfortunately, the world is filled with scammers. I made a video to show how fake forex traders on Instagram use schemes to trick new traders. Broker I Use: KOT4X ECN Account Leverage 1:500 OPEN ... Biaheza’s Forex Video- https://youtu.be/Z0QLk-LYwPM Forex Backtesting Simulator- https://ForexSimulator.com Indicators- https://PipsAhoy.com/downloads Good b... 💰 Copy Daily From A 7 Figure Forex Trader With Our Forex Signals & Get Started With a 67% Discount 💰 https://goldenoptiontrading.com ⬅️ Take It Easy. Just Co... 14 day RISK FREE TRIAL on investing and trading HERE: http://training.tieronetrading.com/trial For my #1 podcast go to: iTunes: http://bit.ly/alwaysfreepodca... Our Website Here: https://bit.ly/39phy1J - The #forextrader hashtag on Instagram • Photos and Videos Ideas * OANDA does not requote orders that are executed ... Classicforextrader is a South African trader who has been in the financial market for sometimes through my experiences I realized that lot of people don't ha...